Newest release:

Embedded Profiler 1.2.1
Release notes
18. 12. 2013

Price & Buy

Contact us to get Embedded Profiler for following platforms:

  Operating System CPU C++ Compiler Price
Linux 32-bits Intel x86 gcc 0 €
Windows 32-bits Intel x86 MinGW 0 €
Windows 32-bits Intel x86 MSVC 0 €
Android ARM Cortex-A5+ Android NDK gcc 199 €
Linux 64-bits Intel x86-64 gcc 199 €
Windows CE 5.0 Automotive Hitachi SH-4 MSVC or EVC 199 €
Windows 64-bits Intel x86-64 MinGW 199 €
Windows 64-bits Intel x86-64 MSVC 199 €

If you buy Embedded Profiler, you will get free software updates for one year from the data of purchase. The price of free software updates for additional year is 99 €.

If you buy more than one Embedded Profiler, we have significant discounts.


Performance Optimization Services

The minimum allocation for our SW expert is one week with price started at 2400 €.


New platforms

We can port Embedded Profiler to almost any platform and hardware that supports CPU performance monitoring and function instrumentation.

If you are the first to request a new platform, we will offer to port Embedded Profiler at very convenient price!